/sʌst/    verb
"Discovered the answer. Achieved enlightenment regarding a current problem or dilemma."

Are you a building professional that cares about the environment but doesn’t know how to translate it into your business?

Would you like to design durable buildings that are comfortable, healthy, affordable, and energy efficient?

Did you know there is a method of design that can save 90% of the building’s energy consumption?

It’s called Passive House, and it is the future of the building industry!

After extensive research, certifications, and implementations of these concepts, our mission at SUSSED is to get Passive House buzzing in Australia.

We do this by:
  • Providing educational workshops  and support to companies who want to get on board in creating energy efficient spaces. 
  • Supporting local government in decision-making to incorporate the principles of Passive House Design.
  • Raising awareness in the public sector about the importance of reduced energy consumption and the vital role our homes can play in this. 


Dipl-Ing (Architecture) | Certified Passive House Designer

Julia studied architecture in Germany and graduated from Darmstadt University in 2005. She then moved to Australia where she worked for a number of architectural practices in Melbourne, Darwin & Fremantle and was able to expand her knowledge and skills. As Project Architect for small and medium scale projects she further developed her expertise in residential, commercial and sporting projects.

Julia has always been very passionate about sustainability and energy efficient building design and became a Certified Passive House Designer in 2018. She is determined to make a change in the building industry towards more environmentally friendly buildings and to create healthy and comfortable living spaces.